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You’re a marketing evergreen

High five! Your practice is in the established expansion stage.

Read on to learn how to ditch the overwhelm and become strategy savvy to cultivate your dream practice, attract your ideal clients, stop trading time for money, and grow where you want to go. Stick with us as we guide you through the forest to help you grow the practice of your dreams.

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As a Marketing Evergreen, you have nurtured your practice, built strong roots, and are gaining energy as you continue to push forward to find new opportunities for growth.

You are seeing peak sales, a fully booked calendar, and more profit in this scaling phase.

You may be wondering how to sustain this growth while also having a healthy life balance, how to explore new opportunities for diversified income streams, and how to optimize your marketing efforts for peak performance.

You might be looking for ways to work less and earn more and stop trading time for money. You want to be more marketing savvy and wonder how you’re going to sustain your thriving practice.

You might stress-shop courses that never get watched, hire a business coach that doesn’t prove fruitful, or try to hire team members that fall flat. You’re not alone.

There is another way.

You can learn how to expand your marketing reach, diversify your income, and create a marketing machine that will maintain your practice while you sleep.

Unlike chia pets, an effective marketing plan isn’t something you can set and forget – even though they are both growth-focused, amirite?

With more energy, your practice will continue to grow and spread new seeds resulting in more sales, greater profits, and growing reach.

Just as a tree needs air, water, and energy to grow, a private practice has the same growth needs to reach its fullest potential. Now is the time to keep up the momentum and identify additional growth opportunities.

As a Marketing Evergreen, you want to infuse energy into your practice so it will continue to grow and spread new seeds resulting in even more sales, greater profits, and growing reach.

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”

– Jana Kingsford

4 Tips to Work Less and Earn More


Develop an engaging email marketing campaign




DRive traffic to your site with ongoing blog content


Identify and outsource repetitive business tasks

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