Believe it or not, the humble email list is actually a marketing super tool. Play the long game by cultivating a thriving email list full of warm leads ready to sign up for whatever you are offering with an interactive (and fun!) quiz funnel.

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What is an email list, you say?

An email list is a collection of email addresses gathered through your website that allows you to communicate with your target audience.

Some practices might use lists for newsletters, offer alerts, or sharing free content that builds trust in your brand and keeps you front of mind.

You need to prioritize list building if you want to scale or sell more products, courses, services, or workshops. But how to get people to actually sign up for your list and share their email addresses? A quiz funnel.

Don’t panic if you’re as familiar with a quiz funnel as a monkey is with gardening, we are going to do it all for you. Who can say no to that?

  • 49% of consumers said they’d like to receive promotional emails from brands once a week
  • The average quiz is shared 1900 times
  • The average ROI on email marketing is 4100%

What Is A Quiz Funnel?

An email list is built by offering a free lead magnet or “freebie” to your website visitor in exchange for their email address. Traditionally, the average lead magnet is an ebook, worksheet, webinar, or mini course.

But you, my friend, are not average. You want to do things differently. You care and don’t see your audience as mere numbers.

A quiz funnel grows your list by focusing on the real human beings who need your solutions for their problems.

A quiz funnel uses a fun and interactive quiz on your website to engage your visitors, speak directly to their concerns and goals with specificity while establishing you as an expert. No one-size-fits-all approach for you.

Included in REACHFunnel

We will create a custom quiz funnel that will generate leads while you sleep. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  • 60 minute strategy session
  • In-depth ideal client and competitor research
  • One lead magnet quiz topic and title recommendation
  • One lead magnet interactive quiz lead magnet creation
  • Quiz platform setup (platform fee not included)
  • Copy for questions (up to 10)
  • Copy for answers (up to 5 per question)
  • Image selection
  • Copy for results (up to 3)
  • Results page design (up to 3)
  • Initial Mailerlite email account setup
  • Design and copy of one post-quiz welcome email curated for each quiz result
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Website Lead Magnet and Email Marketing Services for therapists, coaches, counselors, and private practices | GrowingREACH


Here’s How It Works


Start by filling in this handy little form so we can get the ball rolling to learn more about you and your needs.


We’ll schedule a free 30-minute phone call where we can meet’n’greet and answer any questions before preparing your proposal and quote.


Once we know what we’re working with, we’ll send over a project proposal, contract and invoice. You’ll want to go ahead and sign that baby to get the magic growing.


The fun begins as we dig deep into your practice, ideal client, and competition to design the hardest working quiz funnel to cultivate leads and grow a thriving email list.

“The quiz looks great! Thank you for your creativity and diligence.”

– Mac Connor, LCMHC



What is a lead magnet?
A lead magnet is something you give away on your website in exchange for email addresses to grow an email list. A great lead magnet engages your visitors, builds your brand, and has your subscribers clamoring to open your emails.
Do you create other lead magnets or only quizzes?
We are called the Quiz Whiz not only because we love quizzes but because they are so effective and work great for private practices.

If you have your heart set on a different type of lead magnet, be sure to let us know and we’ll brainstorm what will be the best fit for your business.

Can't I create my own quiz?
The success of your quiz funnel is based on the strategy behind it. Crafting a successful lead magnet quiz combines human psychology with interactive content to make your audience feel seen, heard, and understood (while generating new leads).

While it’s easy (and fun) to create a Buzzfeed-worthy quiz, creating a strategic quiz requires working with some magic beanstalk seeds.

CAN I see an example of your quizzes?

You sure can! Check out a couple examples here or here.

Website Lead Magnet and Email List Building Services for therapists, coaches, counselors, and private practices | GrowingREACH