Case study: Blue Zone Marin

Building a new coaching practice

How GrowingREACH developed branding and marketing strategies to help a client build a thriving coaching practice.

Blue Zone Marin was building a new coaching practice and looking to establish an effective online presence and ecommerce platform.

With a three phase approach, we created a branding and marketing strategy to set them up for long-term success.

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About blue zone marin

Blue Zone Marin offers mother/daughter surf+psychology workshops that involve getting in the ocean, learning to surf, and practicing valuable relationship skills to help you navigate challenges with confidence.

The Challenge

Blue Zone Marin offers a unique approach to building relationship skills and mother-child bonding. As a new coaching practice, Blue Zone Marin needed to establish an online presence quickly to meet their workshop schedule, drive engagement, and connect with their ideal clients.



Like a tree, a private practice needs air, water, and energy to reach its three growth phases:

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We breathe fresh air into your private practice by defining a professional brand that feels like you. More than a tagline, logo, or color palette, a brand is your ethos. Let the world know who you are, and attract your best-fit clients.


brand purpose

We first identified their brand purpose to understand the “why” behind their coaching practice.


ideal client

By developing their ideal client avatar, we were then able to create focused marketing strategies to drive engagement and client retention.


brand promise

We then focused on their brand promise to craft an outstanding client experience which builds loyalty and drive business.


brand identity

We created a compelling logo, tagline, typography, and colors to reflect their brand which drove their website design.

Mac Connor | Connor Counseling Services Case Study | GrowingREACH


We develop mouth-watering WordPress websites and write your SEO-optimized website copy that captures your voice, attracts your ideal clients, and creates the foundation for a powerful marketing strategy.



We wrote the SEO-optimized website copy to connect and resonate with their ideal clients, drive engagement, and maximize workshop sign-ups.



We hand-selected images from their curated selection to create a cohesive story throughout their website leading to relevant and specific calls-to-action to increase client retention.


We accelerate your website’s reach through website maintenance and support to protect your most valuable asset.


website maintenance

Blue Zone Marin signed up for our monthly website maintenance and support package so that we could manage their website while they focused on their fun and skill-building coaching workshops .

“I’d hire GrowingREACH again in a heartbeat.”

The investment was completely worth it. As an entrepreneur (and mom-preneur), I was starting at the very beginning with my own ideas and vision but lacking the know-how for implementation. GrowingREACH thoughtfully and skillfully guided me in the process, and the outcome was perfect. GrowingREACH is responsive, efficient, and easy to work with.- AMANDA RENSCHLER, BLUE ZONE MARIN

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