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We are giving you a rare behind-the-scenes look at our (re)branding strategy to help you with your own branding journey, and it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! This third article in our branding series (finally) focuses on the visual elements of branding including logo creation, colors, fonts, and typography. We are focusing on our own rebrand from Growing Therapists to GrowingREACH to help you learn the how, what, and why behind branding so that you can create your own wow-worthy brand.

The first and second installments of our branding series covered our rebranding strategy and ideal client research including:

  • The reasons behind our decision to rebrand
  • Our brand purpose
  • Our brand promise
  • Our brand positioning
  • The evolution of our ideal client avatar

Read on to learn about everyone’s favorite part of branding and how to incorporate the previous branding steps to building a successful and cohesive brand.

From Growing Therapists to GrowingREACH

The brand identity phase of the branding process is often the most exciting for our clients. We’ll cover our logo redesign, color palette and font selection… plus we’ll also give you a peek at the logo we almost chose but ditched last-minute.

Understanding what goes into a brand identity will hopefully spark some ideas and inspiration for your own branding journey.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is a set of elements that help us recognize, understand, and feel towards a brand. A brand has its own personality and gives people something to remember. When you think about McDonalds, everyone envisions the large golden arches represents value for money. It’s a happy feeling with a no-frills dining experience, an easy-to-order menu, and a fun play area for kids.

A brand identity is made from four things:

  1. Business name: The name of a business is often the first touch point a consumer has with a brand. Make it memorable, simple, and catchy.
  2. Logo: A logo demonstrates the essence of the brand and its personality while being memorable enough to be remembered by customers. Think about the Nike “swoosh” or Apple’s “apple.” Clean and simple logos are often the most powerful.
  3. Color palette: Based on the psychology of color, a brand defines its color palette which will be used consistently across all marketing and communication materials. A brand’s color scheme will often be remembered better than any other element. For example, the red and yellow colors of McDonalds are associated with a “fun” and “happy feeling” while the green of Starbucks communicates  “natural” and “organic.”
  4. Typography: The font selection should reflect the value of the brand and will be used consistently in all marketing materials.

Let’s take a look at each item in the evolution of our brand identity.

Our Business Name: Growing Therapists to GrowingREACH

Logo: Nurturing to Growth-Oriented

Color Palette: Impactful to Gender-Neutral





Color Palette


Style Guide


Coming Up Next Week

Stay tuned next week for an in-depth look at our website redesign. Be sure to check it out here so you can apply the same process to your own branding journey.


If you want a branding or marketing strategy that will connect, get you noticed, and make your ideal clients choose you over your competitors, contact GrowingREACH. We are a boutique marketing agency who have helped hundreds of private practices just like yours nail their branding and marketing, book more clients, and make more money.

Let’s grow your brand and get you noticed.

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